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Direct Marketing Company

About Us
The Human Touch Advertising is a leader in face-to-face marketing. Our primary service is promoting and selling, the products and services of our clients and customers.

Our new customer acquisition, expanded product sales, and client-retention campaigns are unparalleled in speed-to-market, quality of service, and quantifiable results.

Importantly, our unique route to market enables the achievement of significant incremental sales results in both mass markets and niche markets... without cannibalising other channels.

The Human Touch Advertisings' global face-to-face sales people have been remarkably successful in acquiring hundreds of thousands of new, profitable customers in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

In addition, cost of sale is controlled by The Human Touch Advertising using a fee for success structure.

We have an outsourced sales force that truly offers a viable alternative to other marketing channels with a speed-to-market that cannot be matched in-house. If your direct mail, telemarketing, and direct response campaigns are beginning to produce only lacklustre results...

why not try our high impact face-to-face sales campaign?

Unlike other marketing and media channels, The Human Touch Advertising has the advantage of a performance-based contract that enables you to pay only for successful results.