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Face to Face MArketing
We operate our unique system of in FACE TO FACE both B2B and consumer environments. Human Touch Advertising's face-to-face marketing advantage is clear.
While talking with prospective customers at their homes or places of business, Human Touch Advertising's sales representatives are able to interpret their specific wants, needs and desires better than can be accomplished using any other direct marketing channel.

Compared to direct mail or telemarketing, Human Touch Advertising representatives have the added advantage of utilizing visual demonstrations while addressing questions or concerns on the spot. Human Touch Advertising's personal touch translates into sales.
  • Present your product or service message in person
  • Can be applied to many different industries
  • Cut through the "noise" of a crowded marketplace
  • Provide positive exposure to a brand and its key messages
  • Enable the sales representative to respond to body language and other reactions, answer uestions, remove worries
  • Overcome customer inertia - drive action at the time of presentation
  • Deliver immediate market feedback to our clients
  • Exploit the power of people selling to people
The FACE TO FACE MARKETING reinforces a brand, educates the community and delivers sales. We are the leaders in intensive local area marketing. We specialize in getting current and prospective customers in catchments areas motivated, activated and stimulated to use your outlet, restaurant, store or venue... repeatedly. Importantly, customers have a high motivation to use your outlet or store because of their financial commitment.

We are experts in the development and implementation of channel sales and field marketing programs. We have helped design and translate market and channel strategies into workable, measurable tactics for some of the South Africa's largest companies.

Your company will benefit because we know how to cut through the noise, target and profile your target audience, and create and nurture relationships that endure over time. Some of the services your organization will benefit from include:
  • Dedicated High-Performance National Sales Teams.
  • Professional representation, training, compliance management, product or service demonstrations for B2B or B2C
  • 'Best of Breed' in field sales solutions
  • We can plan and implement a field marketing programme in days not months
  • We are known for our attention to detail, reporting accuracy and evaluation methodologies
  • Many clients have experienced over a 100% increase in sell-through within six months of using Human Touch Advertising
  • Human Touch Advertising has created over multimillion worth of new turnover for our clients based on our proprietary techniques and methodologies.

Rapidly Deployed Tactical Teams
  • Product launches & promotions
  • Seasonal activities and merchandising
  • Product and sales training
  • Product demonstrations
  • We take the headache out of target marketing and deliver massive, immediate, localized exposure and create unparalleled impact.

ROI-Oriented Marketing
  • Develop product/service launch campaigns
  • Design corporate collateral, Human Touch Advertising VALUE CARD product packaging
  • Design sales tools and training aids
  • Point of sale materials
  • Local media integration to foster market awareness and increase sell-through
  • Our dynamic and impactful FACE TO FACE Marketing give you an unfair competitive advantage.

Plus, The HTA Value Card optimises customer relationships, increases revenue, and rewards customer loyalty.

With direct mail lucky to get a response rate of 1.5% and email getting .5% response rate with a targeted offer – why wouldn’t you use our Face to Face Marketing and HTA Value Card Human Touch Advertising can assist you to eliminate customer inertia and activate and stimulate visitation by households in your catchments area.