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Signing a Contract
An extensive consultation with one of our Client Services Consultants will initially take place, in order to find the best combination of customer incentives for Human Touch and the client. Following this, the prospective client will be invited to sign a short contract, outlining the incentives and conditions agreed upon, as well as the obligations of both parties.

Upon receipt of any relevant artwork from the client, our professional design team will begin constructing the proof for the Valuecard presentation. This will be a full colour brochure and will be designed with the clients' corporate livery and style in mind. The client is consulted throughout this process and all proofs are signed as being satisfactory to the client before printing begins.

Our printers use the very latest technology in producing the Valuecard. All brochures are produced on high quality 300-gsm card. Quality control measures are employed throughout the print process to ensure that the finished product is of the highest standard.

The completed Valuecards and brochures are shipped direct to one of our national network of associated marketing companies. From there, professional, well trained distributors will take your message directly to consumers, encouraging many of them to commit to using the incentives through the purchase of the Valuecard