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In this era of multi-media and high investment in securing television audiences, the pressure on sports clubs to maintain and increase attendances has never been greater. Through working with many high profile clubs Human Touch has established itself as a proven way to increase a sporting organisation's spectatorship week in week out.

It is a fact that many of today's sports teams are struggling to compete for spectators on an almost daily basis. Indeed, even some of the more high profile names are not reaching their attendance capacity on a regular basis, and on many occasions stadia remain only half full.

Human Touch can help improve attendances to your club by constructing a tailored program of incentives aimed specifically at increasing visitors at the times when you need them the most. Our professional, well-trained distributors will take your message directly to your fan base, convincing them that the only way to view sport is at the ground itself, adding to the atmosphere and increasing attendances on into the future.